The Verbom team offers Tool and Die solutions to meet your needs.

The Verbom team offers tool and die solutions to fit your needs. With a research office that includes 16 designers in Canada and six in France, Verbom can quickly provide you with the best solutions by using the NX platform. All designs are created from simulations, formability studies, and springback controls using Autoform. All tools are designed in 3D and then fabricated according to the pull-flow method to minimize delays and reduce cost.

Verbom uses Toyota principles during tooling manufacturing. In this context, all the technology required for the effective implementation of your project is available on site: 3D laser cutting, heat treatments, and machining centres with up to 160 inches of workspace capacity. Equipment dedicated to testing, such as our 1000T press with a 180 inchbed, are used to validate production tools with an uncompromising focus, on two continents.


Do you have a complex part that requires dimensional stability? Verbom can meet your expectations.

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Impressive track record in the design and manufacture of transfer tools.

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For high-performance tools offering repeatability and feasibility, Verbom is the right choice.

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Thanks to its innovative processes, Verbom designs low-cost prototyping projects in a very short time.

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