Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Mission and values

Our mission is to draw on the expertise of our employees along with using advanced sheet metal processing to integrate turnkey solutions, engineering, tooling, and production, for the sake of quality and first class service, primarily in North America and Europe.

We take pride in being chosen for the expertise and dynamism of our teams to provide innovative solutions in the transport sector.


At Verbom, internal and external client satisfaction is measured by the quality of the product or service delivered in a timely manner, according to client needs and within our budgetary limits. This satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns.


Innovation at Verbom means encouraging our employees to question their methods of work to make what they do simpler and more efficient.

We value the ingenuity and creativity of our employees to better meet our needs and those of our clients.


At Verbom, quality is in our decisions, our actions, and our interrelationships.

We are proud of the quality of our products and our services, which have a direct impact on Verbom’s success with our clients, all the while maximizing value.


At Verbom, commitment means getting involved, taking responsibility, and mobilizing to reach established objectives.

We encourage and value teamwork and mutual support in a healthy, safe, fun, exciting, and dynamic work environment.


At Verbom, professionalism is doing our job, and fully using our technical and human skills with integrity, transparency, and rigor.

We contribute to the development of our employees to enable them to maximize their potential, performance, and desire to move forward.