About us

About us

About us

Verbom is a leader in sheet metal processing. Founded in 1978, Verbom is a private company offering design and build sheet metal tooling services, engineering consulting (VRD), and production services.

Verbom employs more than 185 highly-skilled employees between two sites in Canada and Europe, serving clients in the automotive, mass transit, appliances and power sports industries.

The team’s top priority, client satisfaction, is achieved through a working culture of quality, innovation, commitment and profesionalism.

Verbom offers tool design and manufacturing services for structural components, heat and sound shields, and exposed “Class-A” parts. Verbom has expertise with various materials including dual-phase steels, stainless steels, pre-painted materials, and various aluminum alloys.

In addtion to tool design and manufacture, Verbom provides engineering design services offering innovative solutions that often reduce cost, while maintaining or improving quality. Relying on its expertise in tooling and engineering, Verbom’s specialized production is a key sector within the company. Robotic welding, stamping, 3D laser cutting, structural adhesive bonding, and a unique process of thermoforming aluminum and magnesium have made Verbom an industry leader in sheet metal processing and fabrication.

Finally, Verbom has implemented management and manufacturing systems to continuously improve and reduce cost. These innovations, among others, have enabled us to improve our delivery by 35% for our tool and die and production services.

  • United States 40%
  • Canada 30%
  • Mexico 15%
  • Europe 15%


Who’s the best to produce high added value quality product? The one who makes design for manufacturing and production tooling at the state of the art. On top of it, if you include the QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) principle on parts & sub assembly, you’re at the right place. Verbom’s a solution provider for you.

Verbom has the right critical mass production in order to serve you well. Our turnover of 1.7M tooling sales per month is enough to take package program and our 20 seats of 3D cad NX design give us the opportunity to react fast on large program. Our equipment allows us to handle dies up to 180 inches long. In synergy with our tooling capability, we’re glad to serve our customers with stamping, CNC, 3d Laser cut, robot welding ,sub-assembly and Aluminum SuperPlastic forming. Our 35 employees on production department put all their effort to deliver quality and on time products. Our unique Aluminum SuperPlastic 3000T press allows us to produce parts up to 160 inches long.


Exportation is part of Verbom’s DNA, we can handle the logistic and custom in order to serve better our customers. Verbom technical representative assists on site for every start-up.

  • Mass transite 20%
  • Automotive 65%
  • Powersport industry 15%


With our 130 highly involved people plus the TPS system (Toyota Production System) we’re able to supply you with the best technique for you in order to keep your part quality above customer expectations and your tooling reliable. With our simulation and engineering capacity, you will enjoy to work with us and low cost country won’t be anymore an option for you.


A team driven by high skilled engineers offers us unique way to improve concept with sheet metal. Looking for weight and cost reduction, don’t look anywhere, you are at the right place. Sheet metal could be the answer for you, and VRD will manage it.